What is a Tiny Home exactly? 

Tiny Logic defines a Tiny Home as any livable structure designed for human habitation that is movable.  

Whether it’s a charming bungalow that can be disassembled and reassembled at a new location or a structure built on a trailer with wheels, the movability is what gives modern Tiny Homes their sizzle.

The future of “homes for all” will include nimble homes that achieve stability through their ability to be anywhere.

As a landowner, you can:

-Build a home in your backyard as an Accessory Dwelling Unit. Beautiful studios fully connected to utilities. Installed in 4-6 weeks at highly competitive prices.


-There are many lovely tiny homeowners who would love to move their home onto your property and start compensating you from day one. We can send a contractor out to make your space more tiny house friendly.

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