(Podcast) We Are Homeless Podcast #2-Your Intentional Community Real Estate Agent


We Are Homeless is a podcast that explores the hidden world of housing alternatives in the Bay Area. My name is Adam Garrett Clark. I encounter people every day who are finding creative ways to stay in the Bay Area without handing over their hard earned money to “the market.” These are their stories: 

Real Estate Agent Rebecca Gorman knows a ton about the Bay Area’s intentional community ecosystem. She’s lived in them and she’s passionate about bringing more of them into the world. There are many resources referenced in this episode, notes below:

Rainbow Mansion

Embassy Network

Embassy SF

Haight Street Commons


Planet Labs

Open ROV

Super Happy Dev House

Yuri’s night party

Things to think about when starting an intentional community 

Cohousing Toolkit 2.0

Emergent Communities Conference 

Villa Montalvo 

Wild Wild Country

We live (we Work)

Why Co-ops Die paper by Jim Jones of NASCO, 2002 (1)

UN report on Bay Area Homeless 

(On the Media) Busted, America’s poverty myths 

The Gubbio Project

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