Just down the road is a flotilla of Tiny Homes on Wheels. They are financially approachable, impact minimal, able to move with the twists and turns of their owners and accessible to all.

Tiny Logic was created in 2017 to help the Bay Area receive this inevitable housing option in a safe and equitable fashion. Our mission is the logistics of installing homes in every tiny nook and cranny they can hold.  We’re working towards an oversaturation of affordable places to put your Tiny Home: cooperative co-housing communities, backyards, garages, abandoned lots. We specialize in the laws, technology, safety, and financing of this emerging housing ecosystem. 

Tiny Logic is a collection of years of first-hand experience and visions of Tiny Home pioneers. It is guided by the insight that housing does not have to be expensive or complicated. Quality, safe and desirable smart homes can be inexpensive, quick to install and can move with their owners, even in high stakes cities in the Bay Area. Tiny Homes alone will not solve our housing crisis, but they will be an effective and necessary part of the solution.


Adam Garrett-Clark

Tiny House Liaison

Hostel management in Nicaragua, gentrification journalism in New York City, driving a pedicab in San Francisco, playing professional poker in Vegas and studying permaculture in Australia all lead to Garrett-Clark buying a used RV in 2014 and setting on the adventure of living comfortably off-grid in the big city.

With a desire to remain based in the Bay Area, Garrett-Clark was quickly confronted with the reality that there are few secure places to park a Tiny Home in a big city. Through scratching his own itch for the city and the farm, community and financial independence, frugality and comfort he adventured through a series of solution discoveries that inspire Tiny Logic.

In 2017 Garrett-Clark joined the anti-displacement non-profit Causa Justa :: Just Cause as their Operations Coordinator where he was able to deepen his awareness of our racialized housing history and add context to his growing curiosity with the parallels of his tiny house journey and the stigmatized people across the fence that find housing solutions on sidewalks and under overpasses.

Garrett-Clark’s Tiny House journey has been informed and run parallel to many others like him who have wrestled with questions we all soon will, Bay Area Tiny House thinkers like Betsy Morris, George Berven, Tim Anderson, Raines Cohen, Luke Iseman, Heather Stewart, Greg Kloehn  and countless others who prefer to remain behind tall fences where living in a Tiny home is safe.  

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