Why Urban Tiny Housing?


Why Urban Tiny Homes?

  • Comfortable Homes purchased or financed like a car ($25k-$50k)
  • Footprint costs plus utilities (rent) in the $400 -$500 range
  • Impact minimal on the environment
  • Can be arranged and rearranged in pop-up Communities
  • Do not require expensive utility infrastructure
  • Can support affordable housing shortages and then move away if and when traditional buildings are made available. 
  • Can provide relief to natural disaster victims
  • Offer the stability and freedom of ownership 

If you believe that homes can be accessible to all.

If you want to live in a world where homes are trivially cheap, impact minimal and give their resident’s more time and less grind, then please engage with us.

When, as a society, we can open our minds to the idea that a legitimate home and a legitimate person can include wheels underneath, we will no longer have a housing crisis. 

What is a Tiny Home exactly? 

Tiny Logic defines a Tiny Home as any livable structure designed or retrofitted for human habitation that is movable. Often this takes the form of a structure 8 feet in width and 10′-35′ in length. Our definition includes Travel Trailers, RV’s, Buses, Box Trucks, Shipping Containers and those snazzy wood framed numbers you may have seen on TV. When one has the freedom to live legally in a financially sustainable home, we all can self actualize. 

Our Focus as a company is the expansion of Safe and Secure places to live in these practical homes. And providing the support they need to be good neighbors and process utilities smoothly.  

We know many lovely tiny homeowners who would love to move their home onto your property and start compensating you. Contact us if you’re interested. 

   415 716-3665    info@tinylogic.blog

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