Why Urban Tiny Housing?


Why Urban Tiny Homes?

  • Comfortable Homes purchased or financed like a car 
  • financially sustainable for the resident
  • Impact minimal on the environment
  • Are actually mobile as opposed to mobile homes which are costly to move
  • Can serve as Back yard units (Grannyflats, ADU’s)
  • Can adapt to various utility contraints (off grid energy, pipeless toilets, fresh water tanks)
  • Can support emergency housing shortages 
  • Can provide relief to natural disaster victims as they rebuild their larger fixed homes
  • Offer the stability and freedom of ownership 

The popularity of Modern Tiny homes represent a paradigm shift in mainstream anti-poverty culture. As more and more middle-class people are priced out of housing they are discovering what has always been a financially and logistically practical tool for housing oneself. The Logic behind Tiny Logic is the power of such a practical tool as an affordable nimble house that can move with its owner through time and space. Tiny Homes on wheels inevitably will make “Homelessness” a historical concept. What we need now more than ever is more homes for tiny homes, Join us in this important human mission.  

 What is a Tiny Home exactly? 

Tiny Logic defines a Tiny Home as any livable structure designed or retrofitted for human habitation that is movable. Often this takes the form of a structure 8 feet in width and 10′- 35′ in length. Our definition includes Travel Trailers, RV’s, Buses, Box Trucks, Shipping Containers and those snazzy wood framed numbers you may have seen on TV. 

Our Focus as a company is the expansion of Safe and Secure places to live in these infectiously practical homes. And providing the support they need to be good neighbors and process utilities smoothly.  

We know many lovely tiny homeowners who would love to move their home onto your property and start compensating you. Contact us if you’re interested. 

   415 716-3665    info@tinylogic.blog

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