Property Management

Tiny Home-centric property management. We offer third party mediation, off-grid utility maintenanceand experience in co-housing community administration. Currently, we manage two locations that safely house 8 tiny homes in each location.


Pocket communities of tiny homes with shared resources are where the magic happens. Whether you are a group interested in starting a tiny housing cooperative or a non-profit seeking to build affordable housing for your members we have first-hand experience installing and maintaining tiny homes within community in the big city. We also know where to find the best deals for multiple units.

Mobile Modular Home Rental

Leased mobile livable units can move onto your site and provide immediate housing. We’re in the design and prototype phase for units designed for the urban context. Stay tuned!


Finding places to park a tiny homes is still a delicate game. We know spaces and we know people that need places to park, we match based on best fit and can relocate homes if a match is no longer viable.

Utility support

  • Off Grid energy installs
  • Battery swap service 
  • Dry Toilet installs and servicing
  • propane gas delivery
  • Freshwater tank refills
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