Backyard Tiny House (ADU’s)

New California 2020 laws have created unprecedented opportunities to add to our housing stocks, giving the homeowner new opportunities in building community on their property and offsetting their ever-increasing costs. We can help you navigate the laws and your specific permitting situation, connect you with the right builder or tiny home unit, project manage the install and once it’s ready we can find a great tenant and manage the unit for you.  Contact us for a backyard consultation.  

Property Management

Tiny Home-centric property management. We offer third party mediation, off-grid utility maintenance, and experience in co-housing community administration. Currently, we manage two locations that safely house 8 tiny homes in each location.

Tiny Home Community Development

Pocket communities of tiny homes with shared resources are where the magic happens. The operating costs can be shared across the group and living in community is what we all need even those of us that think we dont.  We’ve built communities before and we’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way. We also have toured studied some of the most interesting models around the US. Whether your a private individual who has a vision for your chosen family or a nonprofit interested in housing your members, we’d love to partner with you on achieving you community dreams.  

Tiny Home Rental

We rent and manage tiny homes owned by third parties as an investment tool, we can help you find space and a good person who will pay you monthly to stay in your home. 


Finding places to park a tiny homes is still a delicate game. We know spaces and we know people that need places to park, we match based on best fit and can relocate homes if a match is no longer viable.

Utility support

  • Off Grid Solar installs
  • Composting Toilet training support and servicing
  • propane gas delivery
  • Freshwater tank refills

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